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Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria

Compiled and edited by Philip Ostien

The first five volumes of this work of documentation and analysis were published in 2007 by Spectrum Books Limited. The editorial board of the series

Muslims and Islam in Africa

is pleased to republish these volumes here, by permission of Philip Ostien and of Spectrum Books, to facilitate access by students and scholars everywhere.

© Philip Ostien; all rights reserved.

First published 2007

Publication of this book has been made possible by a grant from Cordaid, Lutherse Burgwal 10, 2515 CD The Hague, The Netherlands,

ISBN: 978-978-029-837-1 

In addition to the complete text of the five volumes published by Spectrum, this internet edition includes additional materials as follows:

  • documentary material supplemental to Volumes I - V too voluminous for inclusion in the printed text;
  • the documentary sections of a new Volmue VI soon to be published in hard copy;

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